Aint nothin but business..

ok so because its more time consuming for me to link where i get my stuff from i will no longer be doing it this enables me to blog more and just put where you can get the items so please dont take any offense to it its just business lol but on another note heres some goodies from :Zombie.Suicide: and [ANONYMOUS]

zs ano blog

Fashion Creds

Outfit- Anticipation -Complete Outfit by [ANONYMOUS]

Avi Appearance
Shape- Amyness by .:FallenDreams Inc:.*custom*
Skin- Asia Stormy Bronze by *LaVie*
Eyes- Fate eyes- unlimited customisation by Damien Fate
Hair- Primadonna by ::Exile::
Ears- Mesh Gauged Ear Bases by :Zombie.Suicide:
Nails- ECLYPSE- Rouge Silver- VIP Gift by **NOYA**

Piercing- Kelly Piercing by :Zombie.Suicide:
Piercing- Eye Diamonds by Phoebes Piercings and more
Tattoo- Strength and dignity by Letis
Implant- Snowflake Chest implant – Female by :Zombie.Suicide: (available at the FROST event)
Implant- Snowflake Hip implant by :Zombie.Suicide: (available at the FROST event)
Makeup- Fevor eyeliner by :Zombie.Suicide:

Poses- from my ao- Lovely PUPA sexy Female AO Priority 3&4 by TuTy’s
Scenes from Bitch Tail Mall


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