Updated Post…

Thats right ::.Bitch Tail.:: Owner Tiff Renfold has decided to update majority of her older stuff to include Tango/Phat Azz appliers!!!!! so if you have the outfit but need the appliers head to her marketplace for the hud oh and did i mention that the updated huds are free!

bitchtail instinct

Fashion Creds

Outfit- Instinct by ::.Bitch Tail.::
(includes: Mesh mask, gloves, top, shorts, fishnet leggings *not seen*, boots, & boobie & phat azz appliers)

Avi Appearance
Shape- Amyness by .:FallenDreams Inc:.*custom*
Skin- Leita by .:FallenDreams Inc:.
Eyes- Fate eyes- unlimited customisation by Damien Fate
Hair- Against The Music by ::Exile::
Boobies- Lola Tangos by Lolas
Ass- Phat Azz by Luck Inc.

Building- Lulu’s Skybox by Marley
Mannequins- Antique Dress Form & Dark Angel Dress Form by Schadenfreude *Was at the July Arcade Event*
Table- Dellinger Desk [PG] by Pilot
Poses- Paupa Lovely Girl AO by TuTy’s


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