Unreleased awesomeness!!!

Thats right this dress is unreleased as of now 😀 yea so imma blog it away and make yall all want it 🙂 this dress was made by Alexxis DeCuir so when she releases it head on over and snag it up! It will come in multiple patterns so grab them all!

anonymous hanna dress

Fashion Creds

Dress- Hannah by [ANONYMOUS] (not released yet)
Shoes- Mesh Ballet Flats by Meli Imako

Avi Appearance
Shape- Amyness by .:FallenDreams Inc:.*custom*
Skin- Leita by .:FallenDreams Inc:.
Eyes- Fate eyes- unlimited customisation by Damien Fate
Hair- Sadie by Truth
Ears- Mesh Gauged Ear Bases by :Zombie.Suicide:

Piercing- Eye Diamonds by *Phoebes Piercings & More
Piercing- Kelly Piercing by :Zombie.Suicide:
Ear Piercing- Piercing set No.4 by :Zombie.Suicide:
Ear Gauged- Bubble Swirl by :Zombie.Suicide:
Tattoo- Hoot by ::Para Designs::
Tattoo- Music & Butterflies by Letis
Tattoo- Strength & Dignity by Letis
Tattoo- Believe Neck by :Zombie.Suicide:

Scene- Soda Shop by KaTink
Poses- Backed Up & Boobalicious by Glitterati


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