Time to..

Thats right took some time to myself to relax and take in some of the beauty of Second Life!

barely legal santoki nd anonmous

Fashion Creds

Top- String Back Tank Top Crimson by Barely Legal
Pants- Tanier Jeans by -SanToki-
Shoes- Bang Bang Bendee Sneakers by [Anonymous]

Avi Appearance
Shape- Amyness by .:FallenDreams Inc:.*custom*

Skin- Jaiden by :Zombie.Suicide:
Eyes- Fate eyes- unlimited customisation by Damien Fate
Eye lashes- VIP Gift vamp by **NOYA**
Hair- Cece by Truth
Ears- Mesh Gauged Ear Bases Tattoo :Zombie.Suicide:

Piercing- Eye diamonds by *Phoebe Piercings and more*
Piercing- Kelly Piercing by :Zombie.Suicide:
Plugs- Leopard Plugs Add-On by :Zombie.Suicide:
Bracelets- You by Amorous
Nails/rings- Emo Queen Perfect Hands by Dirtyland
Tattoo- Hoot by ::Para Designs::


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