Zombie Apocalypse

Omgggg so Ive recently started blogging the awesome store :Zombie.Suicide: and OMFG it is a must to go shopping at! The store is owned by Isis Zamin and the items are just amazing! Her store offers: clothing *men/women*, shapes, skins, piercings, tatts, poses, builds, and alot more!!!! What cant she do?!  I cant wait for more newness 😀 enjoy some of my awesome finds and go grab them!

zombie apocolypse

Fashion Creds

Top- Draped Top by :Zombie.Suicide:
Skirt- Draped Skirt by :Zombie.Suicide:
Shoes- Knitted Thick Boots by :Zombie.Suicide:

Avi Appearance
Shape- Amyness by .:FallenDreams Inc:. *custom*
Skin- Jaiden by :Zombie.Suicide:
Eyes- Elven Prim Eyes by ~*ByS*~
Ears- Mesh Gauged Ear by :Zombie.Suicide:
Ear addon- Simple Tunnels by :Zombie.Suicide:
Ear Addon- piercing set no.4 by :Zombie.Suicide:

Piercing- Eye Diamonds by *Phoebe Piercings and more*
Piercing- Kelly Piercing by :Zombie.Suicide:
Piercing- Upper Gum Piercing by :Zombie.Suicide:
Piercing- Tragic Belly Piercing by :Zombie.Suicide:
Tattoo- Alice in Scaryland by Vestigium
Tattoo- Believe Neck Tattoo by :Zombie.Suicide:
Necklace- Iron Cross Necklace by :Zombie.Suicide:
Rings- Ring Collection V1 by :Zombie.Suicide:
Nom- OpenMouth addon by [PXL]

Pose- Posestand by :Zombie.Suicide:


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