Changes make a difference

OMFG ok so lil back story…… i was hanging out with my sl momma Tiff and she was telling me about how she just bought some cute mesh ears from Isis (my sl auntie) and low and behold before knowing she was my aunt come to find out she is the owner of Zombie Suicide!!!! so yea i had to go get these ears cuz they were too cute to pass up! and on another note anyone that knows me knows that i rarely ever ever ever take my elfie ears off and guess what i did :O i know big shocker so heres some goodies i hope you all enjoy!


Fashion Creds

outfit-  VIP Zebra Puff Dress Green by :Zombie.Suicide: (exclusive VIP giftie)
(includes: Mesh dress in 5 sizes + deformer version)
shoes- Blast Zebra by *Scan-dal-ous*

eyes- elven leaf by~*BYS*~
lashes- VIP Vamp lashes by **NOYA**
skin- Mari Promo by ZOUL CREATIONS
shape- Amyness by .:FALLENDREAMSINC:. (custom made)

facial piercings- Piercings p5 by *Phoebes Piercings and more* 
gauged ears-  Gauged Ears *seperate plug add-on* (Bubbles  Swirl, & Splash) by :Zombie.Suicide:
necklace- The Angel Key Necklace by Kosh

nails-Punk Perfect Hands by DIRTYLAND

make up- Drama Black by.:GLAMORIZE:.
tattoo- Alice in Scaryland by Vestigium


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